A movement incubator for
St. Louis-based creatives

Our Mission

Space Station Dance Residency is a movement incubator for St. Louis-based creatives. Our residency began in the summer of 2020 and continues to create a safe and welcoming space using dance, movement, and choreography to investigate the human experience. We promote professionals, students, emerging artists, and our audiences to mingle and connect through our tangible and transcendental spaces by encouraging experimentation and conversation stimulated by choreography.
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Current Events

Space Station  2023

August 4th-6th

7:00 pm

August 4th

Hope United Church of Christ
6273 Eichelberger St.
St. Louis, MO

August 5th & 6th

Sports Medicine & Training Center
119 Watson plaza
St. Louis, MO


$20- general admission

Past Events

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